Hartford21 Floor Plan is one of the Best in the World

Located in the fabulous center of Hartford, Connecticut, Hartford21 is becoming a great alternative to urban living apartment style that also serves as an architectural landmark icon in the city, as one of the 5th tallest buildings in the area.



One feels at home in Hartford21 as an elegantly built, fully furnished, well-maintained and spacious living facility integrated into the total apartment design for executives, businessmen, students, families and corporate groups intending to stay for longer periods of time within its leasing terms.

The Hartford floor plan is one of the best in the world that serves as a housing unit with standard components such as a living and dining area, a kitchen, a bedroom or two bedrooms, one bath for each bedroom, and a service area.

In a two-bedroom apartment, one may find the following specifications:

  1. The Master Bedroom has an estimated area of 11 by 14 feet, or 154 square feet, giving one a large moving about area.
  2. The other adjacent guest bedroom is about 15.1 by 11.7 feet which is slightly larger.
  3. The Kitchen is about 83.7 square feet or 8.9 by 9.4 feet, large enough space to cook any meal.
  4. The living and dining area which has the largest space is 29.7 by 12.7 feet or 377.19 square feet.

The bath is close to the bedroom which is also large enough to be enjoyed as one of the apartment’s comfort zones. The excellent furniture and fixtures inside each apartment are matched with the carefully planned interior space expressing a delightful atmosphere of functionality inside each apartment facility.

The spacious floor area of each apartment contrasts with the attractive, carpeted hardwood floors, custom kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, and tile floors inside each bath.

A marked feature of each apartment is the visible liberal space that customers can enjoy in relation to the attractive sofas, living area sets, kitchen sets, and bedroom furnishings that are integrated into the total apartment design. Every customer can live, work and play within each apartment of the Hartford21 and enjoy the facilities’ amenities.

Rooms are attached with walk-in closets as part of the floor plan and made functional for every guest. An amazing view of the attractive city with from each angle and every floor vantage point can be seen by the guest.

Overall, with the serene and spacious ambience designed to enhance livability, work productivity or pure apartment living enjoyment, the Hartford21 apartment can optimize the personal goals of any guest intending to stay for longer periods in Connecticut.

All apartment units are integrated into an architectural web of spacious rooms fitted into total floor space when seen from the top view. Hartford21 is a great place to live in, and is within walking distance to the many amazing shops, restaurants and entertainment sites of Hartford.

The interior as well as exterior design of every Hartford21 apartment speaks of an architectural integrity, functionality, a sense of visual richness and warmth, enhancing a sense of life appreciation, self-worth and security for the stay-in guest. With Hartford21, one is assured of a truly global standard and functional design of all its apartments.